Sunday, March 28, 2010


Baby, are you happy now?

Still hanging on to that thin little thread, which is about to break off soon. Yet, I still long to hear your voice. I don't even know if I should wait or to let go, because if I do let go, I'm afraid I might never get the taste of it in the future. Sometimes there are feelings that can't be forced. The more you force love,the more you lose. Yes, I've known that all this while.
Thanks, Dee. ♥

I've been rotting at home for the past 4 days, okay no, 3 days. I met cousin Ally, Pak Pandir, & Mr Toad, Rebel/Zirca it is. Joined by a few other friends. Only to reached home when daylight is about to rise.

3 days, movie marathon.. ALONE. Papa bought a whole lot of dvds when we got home from Genting, KL. & I've been watching them non-stop. Bollywood, especially. Aamir Khan *grins*

I'll be working later today, like finally!
Okay bye.

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