Friday, July 16, 2010

KL was super awesome! Especially with those bunch of awesome climbers. (Da lama balik dari KL, sekarang baru nak update!) Batu Cave, Camp5, Putra Jaya.. All these climb places was great. & Steamboat for 2 straight days! Had lots of fun with Iffah Mardhiah in our room(only we know! haha), & slumber party in the other rooms.

Overall, the 4 days trip was 10/10! I love my climb mates.

I've been having this National Youth Competition as a belayer since last weekend, and I've turned dark. Like seriously, DARK. & the competition still goes on for this weekend. Can't wait to meet them babies.

& T, iloveyou.
&& I've got my Supra shoes! Thanks, T.
Okay bye.

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