Saturday, April 3, 2010

David Lama ♥

If you want to be a busybody, & nak jaga tepi kain aku, why in the first place you deleted me off Facebook? Make sense? Instead, you go around telling your friends about me, end up adding me on facebook, see what's hot in my profile, and report things about me to you. Insecure much? Haha. Right back at ya, woman! Feel what I felt.

You go around telling people about me like as I'm the one at fault, & like as if I freakin owe you a living. Remember the first phrase you told me? Go re-trace back your memory, woman. A whole chunk of ugly truth I'm keeping.

Long day. Family gathering. Out with the cousin, & gf.
Today. Flea Market.

I just want to save somebody's ass. Imma good girl after all.

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